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[beef ] Kibbeh summaqiyah  كبة سماقية Kibbeh in sumac sauce are a specialty of Aleppo, considered by many to be the culinary capital of Syria. Kibbeh – egg-sized elongated balls of finely ground spiced halal beef and bulgur stuffed with a ground beef and nut mixture, are fried and then cooked a tangy, dark red […]

Canada : bienvenue aux réfugiés | Arte (France)

Alors que l’Europe, confrontée à une crise migratoire sans précédent, surveille ses frontières, le Canada, lui, organise le plus grand pont aérien de son histoire. De Mathieu Bana, François Reinhardt et Yann Le Gléau – ARTE GEIE / What’s Up Productions – France 2016 En moins de trois mois, 25000 réfugiés syriens sont accueillis. Emmenées […]

Syrian refugees build community with cooking | THIS Magazine

Behind the scenes at the Newcomer Kitchen and Karam Kitchen in Ontario by Amanda Scriver | November 30, 2016 It has been nearly one year since the Liberal government enacted a program to admit 25,000 Syrian refugees arrived in Canada. In their first year, many of the families faced several challenges to overcome: getting to know […]

Newcomer Kitchen Brunch at Butler’s Pantry

We invite you to join Newcomer Kitchen at Butler’s Pantry for Toronto’s first authentic Syrian brunch! brought to you with the generous support of Westbank This is the first official public Newcomer Kitchen spin-off project, in a trial-run, limited seating engagement. Come enjoy a lavish spread of traditional Syrian home cooking prepared by the talented cooks […]